What We Do

PAL Services is a specialized contractor in the environmental remediation industry providing unparalleled expertise in all aspects of environmental services, construction, demolition, abatement, coatings and emergency response for three decades.

Our years of experience in environmental services, PAL has the unique ability to customize solutions for clients on a one-time or scheduled contract basis for challenges of any kind.

Family owned and operated, with the vast resources of an industry leader –
Our word is our bond.

Our Specialties

  • icon-01 Abatement of asbestos, mold, and lead
  • icon-02 Complete demolition services
  • icon-03 Fireproofing
  • icon-04 Environmental remediation and property restoration activities
  • icon-05 Soil remediation
  • icon-06 Emergency response services

Additional Specialties

  • All environmental abatement
  • Concrete processing
  • Structural demolition
  • Recycling services
  • Remediation of contaminated building materials, soil, and groundwater
  • Handling, transporting, and disposing of hazardous and industrial wastes
  • Design and installation of water, sewer, and conduit systems
  • General construction activities

Our Clients

Developers, manufacturing companies, owners, general contractors, engineers, consultants, and government agencies throughout the U.S.


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Our professional staff offers detailed knowledge of demolition procedures, environmental regulations, and remedial practices. Specialized expertise includes construction management, environmental engineering, value-added engineering, and life cycle costs.

We also possess expertise in administration of employee protection plans dealing with hazardous materials. PAL provides clients a fully trained staff that is responsive, proficient, and resourceful. A seasoned Project Manager is assigned to each project and is onsite during all phases of site work.



Key Responsibilities

By understanding project objectives and industry practices, we provide our clients with effective and cost-conscious responses


  • Coordination of safe working practices and procedures
  • Maintaining the project schedule and budget
  • Subcontractor oversight

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Public-Private Partnerships

PAL Partnering to Build the Communities of Tomorrow

With state and local budgets for civil works and infrastructure tightening each year, the importance of public-private partnerships has taken on added significance. Cooperation between private firms and governments to share risks and provide taxpayers value for money can produce win-win development projects that enhance the community. PAL works as a team member with all agencies, Engineers, Architects, CM, Developers and General Contractors creating new infrastructure around transportation systems, water and sewar systems, schools, and hospitals.

PAL Services always brings a unique perspective to new PPP projects providing technical expertise, scope, cost cap insurance initiatives, and cost‑management strategies.