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PAL Services is a specialized contractor in the environmental remediation industry providing unparalleled expertise in all aspects of environmental services, construction, demolition, abatement, coatings and emergency response for three decades.



Family owned and operated, with the vast resources of an industry leader –
Our word is our bond.

Our highly experienced and exceptionally trained work force has established a track record of completing large and complex projects in all major market sectors including government, energy, industrial and commercial. We proudly serve private industry through public sector clients with the highest quality services.

With one of the largest workforce nationwide in the industry, state-of-the-art equipment, deep financial resources and national recognition, PAL Services has a distinct competitive advantage over other contractors. When it comes to efficient pricing, job execution and completing projects of all sizes—on time and on budget—PAL Services is the team for any project large or small.

When working with clients, our goal is to always provide high-level attention and unsurpassed service to ensure the success of each project. Through experience, we can anticipate and resolve even the most complex issues and create the best solutions for each individual client.

PAL Services has established long-term relationships working with local, regional and national companies to streamline and support environmental and safety processes while assuring compliance with all regulations at each level.


We provide services to all industries including,
but not limited to:


Air Quality Consulting & Engineering Partners


Building and Structure Remediation






Our History

  • 1993

    PAL Services was created in 1993 by Salvatore “Sal” DiLorenzo as a one-man operation. Sal quickly expanded his operation and established PAL Environmental Safety Corp. as a Delaware corporation. Sal grew the business into the largest asbestos abatement firm in the United States and has been ranked as the #1 Asbestos Abatement firm in U.S. by Engineering News Record (ENR), considered the “leader” of the construction industry.

    With success growing, Sal expanded his operations to include related services. In addition to asbestos abatement, PAL Environmental broadened to include lead abatement, mold remediation, fireproofing, tank removal, soil remediation, construction, demolition, and emergency response.


  • 2001

    In 2001 when the World Trade Center was struck, PAL was a major responder to the disaster site performing initial decontamination of the Deutsche Bank building at 130 Liberty Street which was damaged by the collapse. Sal contributed his expertise to the team that designed the decontamination procedure which allowed for the building and surrounding environment to be stabilized so that it could be evaluated and remediated. PAL also performed the decontamination, abatement, and deconstruction of 4 Albany Street.

    These projects were the first of their kind in the industry. They provided crucial insight into the nature of the contaminant cocktail known as WTC dust, and established the procedures necessary to properly abate its particular hazards. These projects illustrate PAL’s unique ability to assess and successfully complete complex environmental challenges safely and effectively.


  • NOW

    PAL Services started in the greater New York area but has expanded its footprint throughout the entire U.S. Our customers include major corporations and some of the largest general contractors, as well as a variety of federal, state, and local government agencies.

    Over time, P.A.L. Environmental Safety Corp. has operated as PAL Environmental Services and now comes under the umbrella of PAL Services to more accurately reflect the company’s expansion into other areas of construction and general contracting



PAL started in the northeast, specifically in the greater New York area where it is headquartered, but PAL has grown to be a nationwide company working from coast to coast.

PAL’s geographic expansion to date has been cautious and methodical. Our expansion into new markets is strategic and limited to obtaining one or more meaningful contracts within a new geographic territory, then expanding services there through quality project execution and word of mouth. PAL’s significant expansion into the Southeast, West Coast, Midwest and Southwest U.S. is indicative of this strategy.

PAL Services has regional offices throughout the U.S. and is licensed to operate in any state in the US.


  • At a

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    The beginning of history

    Founded by Salvatore “Sal” DiLorenzo in 1993 as PAL Environmental Safety Corp. Now known as PAL Services, the company has grown to become one of the largest environmental services contractors in the country and an industry leader and innovator.
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    Position in the industry

    PAL is now one of the most respected environmental services companies in the U.S. with decades of experience on some of the largest and most complex projects.
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    You can count on us

    Our fair-dealing and excellent operational execution has earned us a reputation for being a trusted partner in the industry. We are proud to be the “go-to” environmental services and specialty contractor provider especially for complex and challenging environments.
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    Actively working

    Since our inception, PAL has achieved each of our performance goals by reaching over 20,000,000 plus man-hours of work.
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    PAL has an impeccable safety record, second to none in the industry. PAL prides itself on a SAFETY-FIRST approach to every project which extends to safety for workers, safety of the environment and safety for the community.
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    Full range of services

    From its inception, PAL has maintained a strong growth pattern, which has seen the company complete projects valued at more than 3 billion plus since it started in 1993. PAL Services performs some of the most complex and unique projects in the history of the industry.
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    PAL is well insured with CGL/Pollution/Professional liability of $2 million per a $4 million per project aggregate with additional $23 million excess liability coverage.
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    Surety Rating

    PAL has approved bonding capacity that is one of the strongest in the country - no project is too small or too large - PAL’s bonding company is an A.M Best Rating of A++15 surety.

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