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When emergencies hit, time is of the essence. Whether the crisis you face is related to weather events resulting in physical damage, health and biological threats to people, or other disasters, you need to know the contractors you hire to help have the resources and skills to respond with urgency. You can depend on the experience of PAL Services to get on-site quickly and facilitate workable solutions.

The PAL Services has worked with the U.S. Government and other entities in restoration projects after hurricane events to provide structural repairs, cleaning services, site de-mucking and demolitions. We have experience responding to serious biological outbreaks like anthrax, bird flu and COVID 19 creating save environments and outcomes.

Some of the services we provide include total structural reconstruction; dehumidification; cleaning & decontamination; demolition; temporary roofing; biological decontamination; electronics and machinery restoration and repair.

When disaster hits, know that you can depend on PAL Services to help get you through.

Personnel Camps

When people are forced to flee their homes due to war, persecution or violence, refugee camps can provide immediate protection and assistance. While temporary, these facilities are built to provide immediate protection and assistance in meeting their most basic needs such as shelter, food, water and medical treatment. PAL Services is experienced in building personnel camp infrastructure that ensures safe individual shelters, access to safe water and waste management systems.

Temporary Housing

When housing is unavailable because of natural disasters or is needed in isolated geographical locations such as construction sites or in the oilfield industry, temporary housing can provide a needed solution. When building temporary housing, PAL Services will work with clients to construct lodging that is best designed to provide occupants with necessary facilities including water hook-ups, waste removal, kitchen facilities, heat and air conditioning and a number of amenities.

Depending on how large the workforce is, and how long they will stay, PAL Services can also arrange for additional services such as housekeeping and laundry services to help make your workers comfortable and ready to work.



Emergency Response includes:

Highlighted Projects

415 Madison

Full interior gut demolition, asbestos abatement of entire structure & complete structural demolition of the entire building.  

Cornell University

Abatement and demolition of the 9 buildings comprising the former Goldwater Hospital facility on Roosevelt Island to make way for…

Gilbane Construction

17-story building. This project consisted of the removal of 195,000 sq./ft. of black waterproofing on the parking deck and vertical…

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