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Safety, Training & Equipment

& Training

Health and safety are the #1 top priority at PAL Services. Our SAFETY-FIRST program is embedded in our processes and procedures and is at the forefront of how our workforce operates every day. Safety includes workers, the project environment and local community as well. Employees at all levels share this philosophy and are committed to ensuring our safety goals are met.

Our Health and Safety Program is designed to meet the following objectives:
  • Provide a safe work environment
  • Minimize the risk of illness and injury to employees and the public
  • Comply with all applicable regulations and laws

While the company is governed by a comprehensive Health, Safety and Emergency Response Plan, a more specific plan is prepared to address the unique requirements for each project site. This site-specific HASP addresses potential physical hazards by outlining actions required in an emergency situation.

Field technicians, drivers and management staff routinely receive training as mandated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). All team members are briefed daily for the duration of each project on safety measures and know how to respond should an emergency arise.

Medical Monitoring

PAL Environmental monitors the health of any worker who may be exposed to dangerous conditions or hazardous materials with a baseline examination and follow-up examinations thereafter. The well-being of our employees is our top priority.

Drug and Alcohol Testing

PAL Environmental is committed to eliminating the use of alcohol, illegal drugs and controlled substances at all of our locations and job sites. Employees are required to submit the above-mentioned screenings per PAL’s request:

  1. Prior to employment
  2. On a random basis
  3. Following an accident
  4. When there is reasonable suspicion

Health & Safety

EHS Management for Clients

PAL Services incorporates EHS compliance into our everyday processes and procedures. It is, and must be an ongoing commitment. The executive team at PAL—experienced in every aspect of environmental services—will work with our clients at every level of management to help keep them abreast of all regulatory requirements to help avoid risks and control costs.

Because regulations change over time, our commitment to you is long-term. We’ll keep you updated on any planned regulatory changes so you can anticipate and respond in a timely and cost-effective way to avoid any disruptions to operations.


All industries need specialized equipment to get a job done efficiently and cost effectively. It is especially important in environmental services where safety of workers and the community is paramount. PAL Environmental boasts one of the largest available inventories of restoration equipment in the industry. We can address even the most complex projects and our teams are well trained to get the job done right.

Management estimates annual capex through 2023 to be around $450K. This does not include emergency response equipment (dryers, dehumidifiers) as these will be acquired only if the emergency response needs require such purchases.

The PAL Environmental fleet consists of trucks, vacuum trucks, excavators
and other modern equipment including:
  • Several Putzmeister pumps and tommy guns
  • Geoprobe 7822
  • New Mack GR64
  • Several Caterpillar and Takeuchi excavators, dozers and backhoes
  • Carousels, pumps, hoses, demolition hammers, cutters, blowers, forklifts, and generators
  • Heavy duty trucks, trailers and vans
  • Nearly $6M in assets (cost basis)
  • General construction activities

Industrial Vacuum

PAL recently purchased a new industrial vacuum truck providing us with a key competitive advantage as it can more efficiently remove contaminated and other material during abatement projects. It can recover, contain and carry solids, dry bulk, powders liquids, water, supplies and thick sludge from hard-to-reach areas and in emergency spill situations.

Industrial vacuum truck allows the company to efficiently vacuum various solids, powders, heavy sludge, and liquids. Large capacity to hold 18 cubic yards of debris. Typically used to clean drywells, storm drains, septic tanks, injector pits, crawl spaces and in earth-moving applications where standard equipment is not feasible.

PAL has both commercial and industrial applications to keep project costs down and meet project schedules.

  • The industrial vacuum truck is designed to efficiently vacuum various solids, powders, heavy sludge, and liquids
  • Has a large capacity to hold 18 cubic yards of debris
  • Is typically used to clean drywells, storm drains, septic tanks, injector pits, crawlspaces and in earthmoving applications where standard equipment is not feasible.

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