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When large-scale, high budget capital projects are being planned, your selection of a construction management partner is the critical link between conceptualization and realization. That’s why commercial developers turn to PAL Services to see their projects come to life.

When working with PAL Services you’ll find frictionless processes in every phase of the project.

From planning and design, through construction and activation our construction management team employs a strategy with our clients that “communication is key” so we can always control a projects time to delivery, cost and quality.

When initiating construction projects, our process is to start with the final concept end in mind. We then work backward, formulating how to get materials to the various sites. After this, PAL determines how and where to drive engineering. Key elements of PAL’s construction-driven execution approach are as follows:

  • Best practices implementation through all aspects of HSE, labor, material management, construction and construction technologies as a team member for the prime contractor or CM
  • Utilize best-in-class systems and technology to improve productivity and provide accurate progress assessment and forecasting
  • Support construction design as a sub-contractor
  • PAL’s U.S. construction operations supports construction management firms with highly qualified personnel, training, tools, and procedures
  • Integration of construction methodologies and execution throughout the project’s life cycle with PAL’s on internal resources
  • Proactive, early construction plans and constructability reviews as a team member of the prime contractor or CM
  • Front-end development by the construction team of site logistics, craft resource capacity and the sequencing of construction activities by work breakdown divisions and by cost loaded schedule

With a track record of having completed thousands of construction projects in urban and remote locations our team managers work closely with some of the best sub-contractors in the country from foundations to rooftops, structural, plumbing, HVAC and electrical.



Construction includes:

Highlighted Projects

415 Madison

Full interior gut demolition, asbestos abatement of entire structure & complete structural demolition of the entire building.  

Cornell University

Abatement and demolition of the 9 buildings comprising the former Goldwater Hospital facility on Roosevelt Island to make way for…

Gilbane Construction

17-story building. This project consisted of the removal of 195,000 sq./ft. of black waterproofing on the parking deck and vertical…

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