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PAL Environmental is at the forefront in the effective use of specialized coatings for fire protection, thermal efficiency and acoustic moderation.

Fire Control Coatings

Fires can wreak havoc on a property quickly causing untold damage while putting people and the community at serious risk. Proper fire safety starts with passive prevention systems like fire-resistant coatings that are designed to slow a fire from spreading from its point of origin and keep the structural members from heating.

Our spray technicians are experienced with the most advanced application techniques and use only the highest quality cementitious products and intumescent coating materials recognized by industry for best performance in commercial structures.

Some of the quality products we use:

Cementitious Fireproofing Products
  • MONOKOTE® GCP Applied Technologies
  • Southwest Fireproofing
Intumescent Fireproofing Coating
  • Carboline®
  • Hilti

Thermal Insulation

PAL Environmental has provided coating and thermal insulation applications successfully to thousands of clients. Utilizing both spray foam and spray fiber products, our skill and know-how help produce safe and comfortable buildings and structures that deliver energy efficiency and long-term savings.

Acoustical Insulation

Managing sound throughout a building is a vital component to structure functionality. Noise can, and will leak through open or unfinished areas, contributing to unwanted disturbances and impacting the quality of the workspace. PAL Environmental utilizes the latest acoustical coating products and spray technologies to reach every surface and absorb noise for pleasant workspaces.

Some of the quality products we use:

  • PYROK™
  • K13-International Cellulose
  • Monoglass®
  • ThermaCostic®



Highlighted Projects

415 Madison

Full interior gut demolition, asbestos abatement of entire structure & complete structural demolition of the entire building.  

Cornell University

Abatement and demolition of the 9 buildings comprising the former Goldwater Hospital facility on Roosevelt Island to make way for…

Gilbane Construction

17-story building. This project consisted of the removal of 195,000 sq./ft. of black waterproofing on the parking deck and vertical…

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